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The proposed masterplan

Dolphin Square View down Quay Street

The proposal for the space by the lock bridge and the underpass (both sides) on the east side includes a new café or restaurant to activate the waterfront and also signal that there is something exciting beyond.

Riverside Place

The space in front of the Riverside Centre site which is more open, is also an important space to appreciate the river and make visual connections to the cemetery, to the west and back to the town. Dry storage of boats will no longer take place here.

Dolphin Square View north under Medina Way

Traffic will be restricted in this area to help make it feel like a place where people can enjoy being by the river and feel safe at night.

Seaclose Gate

A new entrance space to the park from Fairlee Road is proposed, framed by good quality housing and homes.

Bridge End Square

A new square in front of the industrial buildings retained and at the landing point of the bridge crossing with good connections to the car park and which is exible could have performances / markets.

Seaclose Lane

A new pedestrian route and better connections into the Park and for the cemetery with improvements to the cemetery boundary and enhancing the park sports amenities and play area.

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