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Our approach

Based on market research with a focus on delivery:

• We have looked at potential anchors for the masterplan: Higher Education, Community – Riverside Centre, Hotel and a potential Cultural Destination/ Venue.

• New development is mainly on the east side retaining the more of commercial functions on the west and especially existing marine related activity.

• The analysis looked at which buildings would be more economic to reuse rather than rebuild and carefully at what activities and uses work together.

• Strongly mixed in terms of use and a character which is also strongly marine industrial for the waterfront areas.

• The proposals have been influenced by the analysis of existing character and looking at what makes Newport and Newport Harbour distinctive.

• The masterplan has also looked at the pressure of movement around the site and the desire to make good connections, create a harbour circuit and encourage use of sustainable transport modes.

The masterplan - parking and movement

The movement strategy outlines a principle of encouraging people to come into Seaclose Park to use the existing parking and a new car park with a cycle hub and walk through the harbour to the town or use a new river crossing to the west side, the college and hospital and connection to the coast paths and cycle routes. The bridge crossing will open to allow boats through. Vehicle traffic will be more restricted on the southern end of East Quay but will ensure access from the north.

The strategy for parking improves areas where there is existing making sure it can be better used and where new buildings are proposed for residential use these have parking on the ground floor. A consolidation of parking is proposed in the Seaclose Park area building on an existing parking area with a low multi-storey parking facility with a cycle hub. This is intended to encourage people to the harbour and to town without causing congestion and to encourage people to use the new crossing to the West Quay.

The masterplan - the harbour

The masterplan proposes, in addition to essential harbour wall repairs, maintenance and dredging:- additional mooring capacity for a mix of users, visiting boats and boating accommodation (houseboats), new harbour facilities next to the new bridge crossing – better access to the slipway, there will be public access to the riverside wherever it is practical to achieve this. The commercial operations at the gravel yard should be unaffected. The objective is to encourage more diverse use of the river, whilst protecting the environment.

The masterplan - proposed building heights

The amount and scale of development has been considered in relation to the existing buildings and the brief to provide a mix of uses and housing (apartments and houses) and what is financially viable. Taller buildings are proposed near Medina Way to signal arrival at Newport Harbour.

The masterplan - illustrative views of the bridge

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